The Therapy Zone

The Therapy Zone

Est. 2012


Welcome To The Therapy Zone

Getting back from the pandemic may have challenges for your children or yourself. We are a dedicated team of mental health professionals that can extend supportive services to address Emotional, Behavioral, and Social concerns. Contact us today for more information. Sessions are available in person and via tele therapy.


Can you or a loved one benefit from our services?

Our services are aimed at improving mental health and promoting self-care.

Our Team

Dr. Angela Mullane

Alexa Inserra LMHC

Alexandra Brown LCSW

Alexandra Cosenza LMSW

Alexandrea Maratea LMHC

Amelia Winter LCAT, ATR-BC

Ariana Galante LMSW

Christina DeBianchi LMHC

Emily Cummings MHC-LP

Erika Hershey MHC-LP

Erin Gibbons LCAT, ATR-BC

Esther Edelstein Jacobson LCSW

Gabrielle Schiraldi LMSW

Gianna Dunn LCSW

Heather D'Auria LMHC

Jennifer Harrington LCSW

Jennifer Tripp LCSW

Jessica Clark LMSW

Jessica Torres LMSW

Kathy Correia LMHC

Kelsey Vega MHC-LP

Lauren Vigilante LMSW

Lee Turner LCSW-R

Lillian Perez LMSW

Lindsay Haug LMSW

Mia Treadwell LCAT, ATR-BC

Michelle Tully LCSW

Mirabella Golod LMSW

Nicole Mauro LCSW

Rose Bolella LMSW

Sandra Angiletta LCAT, ATR-BC

Scott Feldman LMSW

Stephanie Fueguel LMSW

Stephanie Socolick-Kemmer LCAT, ATR-BC MHC-LP

Suzanne Livolsi LCSW

Thomas Dimino MHC-LP

Valeriya Shapiro LMSW

Victoria Seminara LMSW